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Qualified retailers can get wholesale ordering information a few different ways.


If you’d like to get started quickly without creating an online account, fill out our wholesale information request form. You’ll be asked for a few pieces of information (name, business name etc.). After we verify your credentials, we’ll get a package of information out to you right away. It includes a line sheet, pricing and other wholesale ordering info.


If you’d like information mailed to you, please email me here, use the blue “contact” button or call 845-255-0197.


If you’d prefer to create an account to see prices and order online, click the "Create an Account" button below. You'll be taken to our wholesale portal where you can request access. You'll need to provide your business credentials and agree to our wholesale purchasing guidelines. Shortly after submitting your request, you'll get an email confirming that we've gotten your information. Once your credentials have been verified, you'll get a welcome email that contains all the information you need to place your orders. 

Be sure to read our wholesale ordering agreement carefully!

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